Smithers District Chamber of Commerce

A virtual Canada Day was celebrated this year in Smithers

August 20, 2020

The Chamber and the Town of Smithers celebrated Canada Day in a whole new way this year by bringing the celebration virtual to share our pride in being Canadian.

On July 1st, residents of the Bulkley Valley were invited to take part in the virtual Canada Day celebrations from the comfort of their home.

Performing were three distinct incredible local performers:  Ewh Hiyah Hozdli Drum Group       *      Mark Perry       *      Alex Cuba

We couldn’t have been more excited to be part of this one of a kind performance!!


We have tried to build on what Don and Tom started here years ago. Our philosophy is somewhat simple, we try to work hard every day and provide straightforward communication with our customers. We tell our staff, ‘treat our customers like we ourselves would like to be treated.’

-Mitch, Tyler and Don Pederson, Co-owners, AquaNorth Plumbing and Heating

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