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Toboggan Creek Salmon & Steelhead Enhancement Society

8804 Owens Road
Smithers, BC
V0J 2N1

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Established in 1985 the Toboggan Creek Hatchery has been operated by the Toboggan Creek Salmon & Steelhead Enhancement Society, a non-profit organization largely funded by Fisheries & Oceans Canada. The Society is run by a group of volunteers from the Evelyn farming community and Smithers area. There they raise and tag salmon from egg to alevin to fry through to smolts for two reasons. The first being for enhancement of a stock that is considered in need of some extra help; the second for the purpose of assessment, the stock is raised, released and counted upon return, as adults, to the creek giving very accurate ocean survival. This information is very valuable for fisheries and Oceans Canada to manage the Pacific Northwest Fishery. The facility is the only Coho indicator stock for the entire Skeena watershed. They also carry their many different assessment activities in the local watershed. The Hatchery is fully open to the public and they encourage the local community and visitors to come and help and get involved. Salmon is a part of our culture and heritage and by using the hatchery as a base to bring people together they hope to raise awareness and crate a positive change, Personalized tours are available to anyone who would like one. Groups and events are also welcome. Mack’s Creekside Trail is an interpretive trail complete with signs where you can learn about everything from watershed to salmon lifecycles to other salmon steward groups in the area.

We have tried to build on what Don and Tom started here years ago. Our philosophy is somewhat simple, we try to work hard every day and provide straightforward communication with our customers. We tell our staff, ‘treat our customers like we ourselves would like to be treated.’

-Mitch, Tyler and Don Pederson, Co-owners, AquaNorth Plumbing and Heating

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