Smithers District Chamber of Commerce

Smithers Shines

Smithers Shines is all about some of the volunteer groups, clubs and organizations that rock this town!

Headquartered in Smithers

Published by the Smithers District Chamber of Commerce and the Town of Smithers Economic Development Committee in celebration of the many businesses who choose Smithers as the headquarters for their business activity.

The Kids Came Back

Lifestyle is the key word. All the young adults featured in this publication led full, productive lives and performed demanding work in the cities. All are well educated and dedicate their energies to important work. They're professionals, businesspeople and service providers - they've traveled the world and they're back!!

I think the future of Smithers’ business community is bright. There’s a new generation of people starting out and taking over old businesses in the community, supplying new ideas and breathing life into this town. The people here are friendly and support each other, but I think that the best thing about our town is the diversity of people here.

-Peter Krause, Owner, McBike & Sport and Chamber Member since 1983

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