Smithers District Chamber of Commerce


Sheena Miller

Chamber Manager - (On Maternity Leave September 1, 2020 - August 31, 2021)

Susan Bundock

Chamber Administration


Greg Wacholtz

President - Bulkley Valley Credit Union

Colin Bateman

Past-President - Aspen Inn and Suites

Elizabeth Miller

Vice-President - Seabridge Gold

Trever Morris

Treasurer - Sun Life

Paddy Hirshfield

Director - Bulkley Valley Taxi and TransportationLtd.

Titi Kunkel

Director - Coast Mountain College

Travis Nanninga

Director - Bulkley Valley Home Centre

Scott Olesiuk

Director - Glacier Toyota

Shauna Peterson

Director - IG Wealth Management

George Whitehead

Director - IG Wealth Management

Lonny Wiebe

Director - RBC Smithers

We have tried to build on what Don and Tom started here years ago. Our philosophy is somewhat simple, we try to work hard every day and provide straightforward communication with our customers. We tell our staff, ‘treat our customers like we ourselves would like to be treated.’

-Mitch, Tyler and Don Pederson, Co-owners, AquaNorth Plumbing and Heating

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