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Smithers Business Directory

Acklands Grainger

3143 Tatlow RoadSmithers
Phone: 250.847.2945

All West Glass (AWG Northern Industries)

3424 Hwy 16 ESmithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250-847-9211

Alpine Meadows General Contractors

281 Laidlaw RdSmithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.3322

Alpine Peak Water Company

3439 Fulton AvenueSmithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847-4820

Alpine Plumbing and Heating

Box 2984Smithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.2820

Alpine Wiring Supplies Ltd

Box 728Smithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.4561

AmeriSpec Home Inspections

Box 4480Smithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.3222

Anderson Construction

Box 2573Smithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.4881

Apple Electric Ltd.

Phone: 250.830.0997

Aqua North Plumbing Ltd.

3859 1st Ave.Smithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.3858

Aries Asphalt Seal Coating & Paining

Phone: 250-877-8800

Bill Stevens Contracting

1816 Princess StSmithers
V0J 2N0
Phone: 250-847-4515

Billabong Road & Bridge Maintenance Inc

2865 Tatlow RoadSmithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.8737

Bolster Bobcat

Phone: 847-3037

Braun Industrial Ltd.

VoJ 2N0

Brycyn Enterprises

Phone: 250-897-2320

Bulkley Valley Eavestroughing

1167 hwy 16telkwa
voj 2noCanada
Phone: 250-846-5509

Bulkley Valley Engineering

3815 Railway Avenue
Phone: 250-847-8795

Bulkley Valley Roofing

Box 4467Smithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.846.9446

BV Amps

3692 1st AvenueSmithers
V0J 2N0
Phone: 250-877-8983

BV Builders

Phone: 250-877-9282

BV Electric

2400 Telkwa High RoadTelkwa
V0J 2X1Canada
Phone: 250.-877-9642

BV Renovations

1379 Babine CresSmithers
V0J 2N0
Phone: 250-847--0876

BV Weedbusters Bobcat Services Ltd.

7435 Lake Kathlyn RoadSmithers
V0J 2N2Canada
Phone: 250.847.5531

C and C Excavating

5644 Willow RoadSmithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.1995

Cam Armstrong Electric

7260 Lake Kathlyn RoadSmithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.4999

Canyon Contracting Co. Ltd.

2992 Tatlow RoadSmithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.2761

Chaplin Construction

3530 Babine Lake RoadTelkwa
V0J 2X0Canada
Phone: 250-847-5254

Cold Front Construction LTD.

7601 Fir Rd.Telkwa
V0J 2X1Canada
Phone: 250-877-3905

Cole Brothers Construction

Phone: 250-847-4016

Crazy 4 Tiles

Box 3067Smithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.877.1897

D Way Construction

3427 Alfred AveSmithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.3651

D-Tek Contracting Painting and Renovations

Scotia StreetSmithers
V0J 2N6Canada
Phone: 250-877-7000

D. Bobb Construction Ltd.

Box 1088 -4110 RailwaySmithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.9828

Daryl Leffers Construction

V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250-877-1199

Delcon's Enterprises Ltd.

Within TownSmithers
Phone: 250-468-1865

Delwisch Design Group

7 - 3167 Tatlow RoadSmithers
V0J 2N0
Phone: 250-847-6110

Devries Construction

V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.4188

Dohler Construction

Box 185 -2863 Rosenthal RdSmithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.2856

Dohler Trucking

Box 2662 -2668 Tatlow RdSmithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250-847-3640

Don Stewart Construction Ltd

1409 Columbia DriveSmithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.877.6767

Dryco Construction

Phone: 250-877-0557

DVV Construction

7725 Lake Kathlyn RoadSmithers
V0J 2N2Canada
Phone: 250-847-4767

Dynamic Cleaning Service

V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250-847-0756

EC Siding

Phone: 250-847-4224

Eco Log Homes

9702 Driftwood RoadSmithers
Phone: 250-847-3207

Evelyn Mountain Contracting Ltd.

1417 Willow StreetTelkwa
V0J 2X0Canada
Phone: 250.846.5557

Far North Contracting

Within Town
Phone: 250-287-2200

FGL Sports

Within TownSmithers
Phone: 403-717-1463

First Impression Janitorial Services

Box 2341Smithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.5912

Focus Communications Inc

Within Town
Phone: 604-529-1842

Franco's Painting ltd

4110 RailwaySmithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250-847-3551

Fred Wilson Contracting

8908 Horlings RoadSmithers
V0J 2N2Canada
Phone: 250-876-8149

Fulljames General Contracting

Box 4480Smithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.3222

Geosto Ventures

Box 3567Smithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.9077

Girling Crane Truck Service

1677 2nd StTelkwa
V0J 2X0Canada
Phone: 250-846-9519

Glacier Electric Ltd

3450-19th AvenueSmithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.3451

Glacier Roofing

Box 2481Smithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.3190

Glacier View Aviation Ltd

Box 2464 Airport Rd 1Smithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.3414

Glentana Contracting

3336 Chapman RoadSmithers
V0J 2N5Canada
Phone: 250.876.8452

Graff Engineering

3642 16th AeSmithers
V0J 2N0
Phone: 250-847-4933

Graydon Group Management

Phone: 250-638-6070

Green Arch Insulation and Coating

British ColumbiaSmithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250-877-1484

Guard Master Security

1380 Cronin PlaceSmithersCanada
Phone: 250-877-6777

Gus Poirier Construction Ltd.

3865 Old Babine Lake RoadSmithers
V0J 2N6Canada
Phone: 250-847-5293

Hammend Building Maintenance

Phone: 250-877-7322

Hancon Contractors

Within TownSmithers
Phone: 250-306-4230

Handyman Services

6223 Old Babine lake RdSmithes
V0J 2N7Canada
Phone: 250.847.0059

Harrison Log Homes

1412 Freeland AveSmithers
V0J 2N4Canada
Phone: 250.847.5546

Harry Leffers & Sons Contracting

Box 3044Smithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.9243

Harry Leffers and Sons Construction

Phone: 250-847-9243

Hausi Contract Carpentry

Phone: 250-846-5964

Helping Hands Recycling

4126 Broadway AveSmithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250-847-9560

Heritage Technical Services Ltd

Box 115 -3739 14th AveSmithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.2693

Herman Svab Heating and Plumbing

4145 Third AveSmithers, BC
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250-847-1550

Hermanns Fire Extinguishers

Box 815 -1766 Main StreetSmithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.3923

HIS Electric

2960 Anderson RoadSmithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.2677 or cell 250-877-9065

Howson Timber Frames Ltd

Box 232Telkwa
V0J 2X0Canada
Phone: 250.846.9830

Huber Farm Equipment

3187 Tatlow RoadSmithers
V0J 2N5Canada
Phone: 250.847.3610

Inside Out Construction

3800 Whistler RoadSmithers
V0J 2N4Canada
Phone: 250-643-7366

Integrity Lock and Key

4084 Third AvenueSmithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250-877-8906

Interlock Industries BC Ltd.

Phone: 250.587-3555

Joe Kennedy Contracting

Box 2156 -#4 Riverside DrSmithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.3494

Joe Pojar Carpentry

V0J 2N6Canada
Phone: 250-917-8440

John Dewit Contracting

Babine Lake RdSmithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.846.5655

Kidd Road Ventures Ltd

Box 4308Smithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.2975

Konst Construction

Box 292Smithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250-847-1779

L.B. Paving

2992 Tatlow RoadSmithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.2761

Lake Kathlyn Electric

Box 2575Smithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.5909

M & L Enterprises

4991 Highway 16 WestSmithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.4714

McDesign and Drafting

Box 3067 -4029 8th AveSmithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.1865

McDougall Construction

4495 Lake Kathlyn RoadSmithers
V0J 2N2Canada
Phone: 250.847.3167

Mid Valley Concrete

Box 782Telkwa
V0J 2X0Canada
Phone: 250-846-9060

Mizar Ventures

Box 2863 -4068 Railway AveSmithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.3002

Mulder Concrete Ltd

Box 85 - 3520 Victoria AveSmithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.3321

NCG Management

Within Town
Phone: 604-628-8799

Net-Zero Structures Ltd.

12th StreetSmithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.5751

North Central Plumbing & Heating Ltd.

3835 BroadwaySmithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.3060

North Country Rentals

3470 Highway 16Smithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.9499

Northern Elements Power Wash & Yard Care Services

667 Glover RdSmithers
V0J 2N6Canada
Phone: 250.847.9799

Northwest Kitchen Center

Box 3984 -3173 Tatlow RdSmithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.5472

Northwest Response Ltd.

Box 2015Smithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.4556

Northwestern Cleaning Service

Box 2704Smithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.8777

Nuvue Contracting

Phone: 846-9507

Oud Painting

Box 414Smithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.3635

Pacific Contracts Management Ltd.

200 - 3848 Third AvenueSmithers, BC
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250-643-4552

Pellow Construction

Box 3814 Airport rdSmithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.3778

Pilgrim's Projects

Phone: 846-5729

Precision Survey and Drafting

Box 38 -2886 Tatlow RdSmithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.1303

Priority Vac Ltd

Box 3546Smithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.4550

Pro-Tech Forest Resources

Box 100Telkwa
V0J 2X0Canada
Phone: 250.846.5060

Quick Construction

11068 Snider RdTelkwa
V0J 2X0Canada
Phone: 250.846.5878

R.Buth Contracting

Box 2946Smithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.5647

Radian Mechanical

Within Town
Phone: 250-861-4636

Ranch Trucking

Box 2083 -3731 4th AveSmithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.2567

Red Willow Rustic Log Homes

14550 Fawn Rd.Telkwa
V0J 2X2Canada
Phone: 250.846.5699

Roland's Joinery

18568 Robin Creek RoadTelkwa
V0J 2X2Canada
Phone: 250-846-9676

S Howard and Associates

Box 536 - 3883 3rd AveSmithers
V0J 2N0Canada

Sitka Tree Service

4089 9th AvenueSmithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.877.8761

Skeena Decor Centre

1601 Zobnick RoadSmithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.3051

Skeena River Steel Inc.

3489 Fulton AvenueSmithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250-847-5867

Smithers Electric Ltd

3825 2nd AveSmithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.9412

Smithers Plumbing and Heating

#4 - 3507 Sixteenth AvenueSmithers
Phone: 250.847.2425

Smithers Upholstery

12451 Canyon RoadSmithers
V0J 2N1Canada
Phone: 250.847.6103

Starmaker Custom Welding and Fabrication Ltd.

1945 Cote RoadSmithers, BC
V0J 2N6
Phone: 250-917-8515

Steelhead Excavating Ltd

1517 Hwy 16 EastSmithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.0855

Steti Transport Ltd.

4120 Gelley Rd.Smithers, BC
V0J 2N2
Phone: 250-847-0568

Stewart Roofing

3648 Broadway Ave,Smithers
Phone: 877-0919

Subterra Utilities

Within Town
Phone: 250-565-4624

Summit Reforestation & Forest Management

3454 Victoria DriveSmithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.5125

T and D Appliance and Refrigeration Service

1227 Coalmine RoadTelkwa
V0J 2X0Canada
Phone: 250.846.9443

Tabert Construction

22232 Morden RoadTelkwa
V0J 2X2Canada
Phone: 250.846.5504

Ted Nugent Enterprises

V0J 2N5Canada
Phone: 250-876-8452

Tel-Ken Alarms & Communications Inc.

3557 16th AveSmithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.0029


7000 Yellich RoadSMITHERS
Phone: 250.877.3097

The Designery

3008 Pacific StreetSmithers
Phone: 250.877.0895

Thermax Insulators

4124 Railway AveSmithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.5264

Timber Peak Construction

3876 Broadway AvenueSmithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 1-250-877-9172

Tom's Solid Wood Furniture

1193 Highway 16Telkwa
V0J 2X0Canada
Phone: 250.846.9620

Total Floors

4394 Highway 16 WestSmithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.9787

Trevor White Contracting

Box 4468 -3454 Victoria DriveSmithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.2615

Valleyview Contracting

Within Town
Phone: 250-567-5222

Vandergaag Construction Ltd

V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.846.5362 cell 847.0991

Vihar Construction

Box 2703Smithers
V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250.847.3024


1987 22nd /aveSmithers
V0J 2N6Canada
Phone: Victoria 381-9857

West Fraser Concrete Ltd

Box 406Telkwa
V0J 2X0Canada
Phone: 250.846.5657

Westport Mechanical

Within Town
Phone: 604-626-0534

Westrun Mechanical

10826 Lawson RoadTelkwa
V0J 2X3Canada
Phone: 250-846-9634

Wild West Log Homes

V0J 2N0Canada
Phone: 250-877-2407

Wizard Renovations & Design

Box 125Telkwa
V0J 2X0Canada
Phone: 250-846-5686

Young Guns Roofing and Contracting

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